Unit operations portfolio

Unit operations are the basic steps of the chemical and petrochemical processes. They are the bricks that all the process production plants are made of.
Some unit operations are simple, others are more sophisticated and require in-depth knowledge of the interactions with the rest of the plant.
The latter is the area where Octoprocess and its partners are focusing, with the following portfolio of unit operation technologies.

We would like to highlight that the possibility to make technology available for a specific project must be evaluated on a case by case basis based on the applicable product policies.

Absorption and adsorption

area of application: all the industrial operations

Set of technologies and experiences for absorption and adsoprtion units operating with non conventional fluids (i.e. non ideally behaving or hard to simulate).

Ammonia recovery

area of application: liquid wastewater streams, leachate from landfill operations, ammonia containing liquids from industrial and farming operations

System for recovering ammonia from liquid streams with low energy consumption. It reduces the cost for treating wastewater and reduces nitrogen load to water treatment systems. The recovered ammonia can be converted back into fertilizers, thus allowing a circular economy approach over the nitrogen cycle in conjunction with ammonium based fertilizer park.

Chlorine liquefaction and liquid chlorine handling 

area of application: NaCl and KCl electrolysis.

Safe and efficient chlorine liquefaction and storage technology. It stems from industrial refrigeration technology.


area of application: inorganic and organic chemicals, water treatment, product recovery and product purification.

The crystallization technology is supported by an extensive data base of previous applications. Crystal size and size distribution are designed basing on a proprietary mathematical model.


area of application: industrial operations, refineries, waste stream treatment, edible oils.

Technologies for abatment down to trace levels of the smells from industrial operations and waste treatments, as well from edible oils.


area of application: all the industrial operations.

Set of technologies and experiences for the separation by distillation of non conventional mixtures (i.e. non ideally behaving and hard to simulate).

Industrial refrigeration

area of application: flare gas recovery, condensates recovery, gas liquefaction

Energy optimized configuration for small scale applications.

Intensified phase separation

area of application: industrial operations, revamps, split of biphasic mixtures

Model based lamellar system, no moving parts. Splits bi-phasic mixtures (oil/water, foams) up to ppm purity levels.

Regenerative activated carbon

area of application: gas and liquid treatment, solvent recovery, syngas cleaning, natural gas cleaning, flare gas recovery

Multicomponent model based regenerative activated carbon systems. The model allows to determine a regeneration strategy of the carbon beds such as energy costs are minimized and life of beds extended. Fully automatic and unattended operation.

Solvent recovery

area of application: industrial operations, textile industry, petrochemicals

Set of technologies for recovery of solvents used in various fields. It emplys non conventional Distillation, Absorption and Adsorption.

Thermal oxidation (also regenerative and catalytic)

area of application: industrial operations, textile industry, petrochemicals, Claus tail gas treatment.

Extended range of technologies and references for thermal oxidation of a wide range of different streams.

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