Process portfolio

The following list features the key processes available through Octoprocess, but it is not meant to be exhaustive.
Other processes may result as a combination or modification of those in the list or can be found in the market for you by Octoprocess. 

We would like to highlight that the possibility to make technology available for a specific project must be evaluated on a case by case basis based on the applicable product policies.

Ammonium based fertilizer park

main feedstock: low priced commodity fertilizers, ammonia (opt)

High-value liquid or granular form fertiliser range production from low priced commodities to higher value liquid fertilizers or NPK – low CAPEX, suitable for horticulture and hydroculture or for NPK production - full flexibility in feedstock and product range. Suitable to be installed downstream an ammonia recovery unit for achieving circular fertilizer production and usage.

Calcium chloride

main feedstock: ammonium chloride, quicklime

High purity calcium chloride production - part of Solvay process

Caustic soda and caustic potash concentration and solidification

main feedstock: caustic soda or caustic potash liquor from cell-room

Concentration and solidification of caustic soda or caustic potash. Proven and high quality no-nonsenses approach for long lasting performance and pure products with optimized steam consumption. 

Flare gas recovery

main feedstock: flared gas

Recovery and monetization of flared gas. It leverages skills in small scale industrial refrigeration and multicomponent model based regenerative activated carbon absorption.


main feedstock: methanol

World class technology for energy efficiency and environmental compliance

Hydrocarbons liquefaction, transportation, regasification

main feedstock: natural gas, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, ethylene

Technology optimized for small scale applications, leveraging experience in small scale industrial refrigeration.

Hydrogen peroxide

main feedstock: hydrogen

Cutting edge technology for energy efficiency, reduced footprint, low quinone losses. Also suitable for world class installations such as ancillary unit for ammoximation in caprolactame and propylene oxide.

Methylene urea and higher lenght UF polymer

main feedstock: urea, formaldehyde

The readily available solution for maximizing urea fertilization efficinecy and avoiding leaching. Proven, fully biodegradable, accepted by the market worldwide. Also suitable for blending into NPK, and available as liquid fertilizer.

NPG - Neopentylglicol

main feedstock: butyraldehyde, formaldehyde

polyol for resins and paints

Penta - Pentaerythritol

main feedstock: acetaldehyde, formaldehyde

polyol for resins and paints.


main feedstock: hydrogen peroxide.

Solid form of hydrogen peroxide.

Potassium chloride electrolysis

main feedstock: potassium chloride

Ultra pure product, no potassium losses, cutting edge brine purification technology

Potassium fertilizer park

main feedstock: potassium hydroxide, commodity fertilizers.

Flexible multi-feedstock and multi-product small scale fertilizer production plant. Particularly suited downstream potassium chloride electrolysys.

Potassium sulfate

main feedstock: potassium chloride.

Simple, low CAPEX and OPEX route to potassium sulphate. No HCl by-product. Perfect alternative to Mannheim process. 

Salt recrystallization - hyperpure salt production

main feedstock: sodium chloride

Multiple effect, recompressed or hybrid systems for best tailored performance. Specially developed for resistance to corrosion and to scaling.

Soda ash

main feedstock: sodium chloride

Optimized soda ash production plant. Available both as Solvay or Hou process.

Sodium chloride electrolysis

main feedstock: sodium chloride

Salt electrolysis with cutting edge brine purification technology, cells can be fed with the concentrate from water desalination, other measures allow for ultra pure products and zero discharge.

TMP - Trimethylolpropane

main feedstock: butyraldehyde, formaldehyde

Polyol for resins and paints.

UF (Urea Formaldehyde) and MUF (Melamine Urea Formaldehyde) resins

main feedstock: urea, formaldehyde, melamine

Resins preparation and applications. Includes availability of recipes up to E0 formadehyde emissions regulations or equivalent.

UFC (Urea formadehyde concentrate)

main feedstock: urea, formadehyde.

Same as formaldehyde process. World class technology for energy efficiency and environmental compliance.

Water treatment and product recovery

main feedstock: industrial wastewater, concentrate from seawater desalination

Set of technologies on top of standard water treatment to reduce OPEX, to offload biological treatment and to recover products from liquid streams. It has been successully applied to brine concentrate from seawater desalination plants to recover and purify a number of products.

Zero liquid discharge

main feedstock: wastewater from industries and power plants.

Proven and reliable technology to consistently crystallize solids in wastewater and fully recycle water. It tilizes low pressure steam and/or recompression and stems from broad experience in crystallization.

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