Technology brokerage

When looking for a particular insurance policy, it is quite common to go to a broker. He checks what is available on the market and proposes the best solution to you. Octoprocess can do the same on process technologies because of its network and its track record in the industry.

Octoprocess can find the technology that fulfills the needs of the client.

The procedure can be split into three main steps.

  1. The client and Octoprocess evaluate the needs and the project. Octoproject identifies the technology owners able to fulfill the requirements and contacts them to determine availability to license and relevant conditions.
  2. Octoprocess evaluates the replies received from technology owners, evaluates the technologies technically and commercially and reports to the client.
  3. In case the evaluations of the client lead to a go fro the project, Octoprocess supports the transaction from a legal, technical, and commercial point of view.

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