Technological product pull

More often than not, a high technology product or service for the process industries suffers the competition of lesser products. Octoprocess may elevate the positioning of the products by providing higher-level communication channels within the organization or the client, and by guiding the suppliers towards new fields of the process industry. We call it pulling the product to the level of a process technology.

Introducing product to higher level channels and becoming part of the design process.

A supplier of hi-technology content goods or services for the process industry has well-established communication channels with procurement and engineering services within clients.
Because of the process technology business and existing network, Octoprocess can add direct communication channels with the management and with the process and operations.
This allows a deeper understanding of the technological contents by the client and ensures differentiation from the mass of competitors. Octoprocess will follow the marketing and sales process like the other technologies in portfolio.

Finding new markets and applications outside of the original field

Sometimes a technological product thrives in the specific field where it was conceived but fails to access other markets.
Octoprocess' knowledge of the process industries and understanding of various drivers may prove helpful in finding new markets for a technological product.
After the required understanding of the technicalities of the product, Octoprocess supports the technology owner in finding other applications and in trimming the marketing messages to the specific languages of each field.
Octoprocess network then steps in again, the marketing message is tested, and prospects are being looked for together with the other process technologies in the portfolio. That's about efficiency and cost-saving.

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