EP and EPC contractors

Octoprocess' view

We are convinced that the real product sold by a contractor to a client is reliability and sheltering from project risks. Truth is that market relying on competition to push for low prices only, forgetting that no contract can protect the final client from the threats connected with an underpriced project.
Bureaucracy and prevalent practices split the technology from its implementation, daily operations, and maintenance. As if a technology license could generate any profit by itself.

The way out

This is not rocket science: technology and engineering should go hand in hand right from the initial conception of the project. The technology would benefit from correct implementation, the contractor would differentiate from the competition, the final client would enjoy a plant properly delivered and without nasty surprises.

The cooperation with Octoprocess

EP and EPC contractors can achieve differentiation and effectiveness by tapping into Octoprocess Technology Portfolio. Bringing forward a technological proposition with Octoprocess allows contractors to be in the picture from the very inception of the project and to change their role from mere suppliers to partners.
Most, if not all, Octoprocess' technology owners favor a long term relationship with partner contractors. Octoprocess will always be there to smoothen, steer, and ensure crystal-clear communication between the contractor and the technology owners.

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