Technology marketing process

Octoprocess promises efficiency, but no shortcuts. We want to grasp the technology, evaluate the strengths and the weakness versus the competition, understand which are the potential markets.

Then the efficiency part steps in. The technology becomes part of the continuous ongoing dialogue of Octoprocess with clients and contractors. The other technologies in the portfolio help the new one capture attention and vice-versa. That's a powerful mutually catalyzing effect right in the most expensive and time-consuming part of the marketing process.

Time and costs are shared and become negligible. Number and effectiveness of contacts are multiplied.

understand technology

Octoprocess starts from a sound technical understanding of the technology. It will be the foundation for all the further steps and the guarantee that the marketing message will be delivered correctly.

evaluate strenghts and weaknesses

Octoprocess and Technology Owner shall evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses of the technology, its current placement on the market, and the relative positioning concerning similar propositions.

understand potential market

Octoprocess shall investigate the current markets and other markets not yet reached by the technology. An initial marketing positioning and strategy shall be prepared together with Technology owner.

engage with potential clients through network

he marketing positioning and strategy shall be tested with some representative clients to be reached through Octoprocess' network in the frame of the continuous marketing efforts for the whole Octoprocess' technology portfolio. The costs and efforts for the specific technology under evaluation shall therefore be minimal..

trim the marketing proposition

Octoprocess and Technology owner will jointly trim the marketing strategy basing on the feedback of potential clients. The message and the language shall be adapted to catch the attention of the target markets and to demonstrate effectiveness and applicability of the technology. Without much trial and error.

generate prospects through network

The technology is marketed together with the other technologies in Octoprocess's portfolio, thus reducing costs and greatly increasing marketing efficiency.

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