Technology sales process

Octoprocess is not just a consultant, nor a mere sales agent. Our ultimate target is to establish mutual trust and esteem between the client and the technology owner, to strike bona-fide sales, and to build long term relationships.

This is why Octoprocess is one of the key players in the sales process.

define requirements

Octoprocess, together with Technology Owner, works as consultant with client to understand the real requirements and drivers, to honestly check if they can be satisfied by the peculiarity of the technology, and to propose solutions. This step is essential for building the necessary trust.

prepare strategy and proposal

Octoprocess supports Technology Owner in the definition of the partnerships for the project, as required, and supports TO in the preparation of proposal,including costing, commercial terms, legal terms and compliance with the real needs of the clients. Octoprocess shal lalso verify the various steps with the client in orderto steer the strategy while in progress.

discuss and refine proposal

Octoprocess supports Technology Owner in discussions with the client with the aim to demonstrate that the proposed solution is fulfilling all its real needs. In case of deviations, the proposal is adjusted and thr partnerships are aligned.


Octoprocess  supports Technology Owner's team in technical, commercial and legal negotiation with the client, with the aim of drafting an agreement protecting the project itself and not just one of the parties.

project execution

If the project is assigned to Technology Owner, Octoprocess will stay in the background to help the project to remain within the original intentions, and to support Technology Owner in smoothening problems and hurdles with client.

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