Core principles

Technology sales is about confidence and trust

More than in any other fields, the process industries involve high capital expenditures. A single wrong decision can be enough to jeopardize the career of the decision-maker, if not the entire company.
Therefore, Marketing and Sales must demonstrate, with technical and financial tools, the validity of the solution being proposed.

The strength of the group - pooling technologies

Pooling many valuable technologies in a single portfolio createsa synergetic effect.  The effort for the initial contacts is the same, the odds of proposing the right technology to the right customer are multiplied.

A wrong sale can kill a technology

The world of the process industries may be complicated, but it is not big, and rumors about failures spread quickly. More than a technology died because it was used for the wrong application, thus creating damages to the buyer and to the seller alike. Knowledge about what a technology can do and the benefit it can give to a specific client is paramount.



Chemicals, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, inorganic chemistry, oil and gas, energy, fertilizers, fertilizers, renewables, plastics, paper, construction materials, water treatment, gas treatment, remediation, pigments, biotechnologies. Octoprocess network has a market-leading breadth of experience in the process industries. And it encompasses the technical, commercial, and even legal aspects. No matter what the issue is, we probably have faced it already, and we can solve it quickly and economically.


Over the years, specialization and peculiarities build a language wall around every single field of the process industries. That's the silo effect. What's in stays in, what's out stays out. Cross-fertilization between different fields becomes more difficult, if not impossible. Octoprocess has the experience and the tools to speak the language of each and every silo. We can vehicle technologies from one field to another and break the silo barrier.


Given a proper amount of time in technology marketing and sales, say 20-40 years, anybody can have a sizeable network of trusted contacts. Multiply this by the number of partners of Octoprocess, and you can get an idea of our worldwide reach.

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